9 Awesome Moments from 2016


2016 was a big year at La Bikery. From cycling dance parties to repairing bikes for community members in need. We accomplished a lot with the help of our growing membership and cycling community. As a co-op and non-profit our success stems from our members and volunteers who shape our organization. Thank you to everyone who has helped support with time, money and in-kind support of bikes, accessories and coffee! Here’s a look back on some of our favourite stories from 2016.

1. Community Tool Stations


We installed 2 community tool stations equipped with QR codes containing step by step repair instructions. One station is at Brulerie Sunnybrae/Café Clementine, and the other at La Bikery. These tools stations got great feedback from members who needed to do repairs in a pinch outside of business hours or while they were on the move!

2. Kassem


After arriving to Canada from Syria, Kassem visited La Bikery in search bikes for himself and his family members. He’s sees biking as an important form of transportation for himself in the city. For his children he sees it as a bridge to social inclusion. When his children see other kids in the neighbourhood with bikes they want to be able to join in and play too. Kassem worked off bicycles for himself and his children through volunteer hours at the shop and we can’t stress enough what a huge help he was. Kassem was even able to find work repairing bikes in town thanks to a connection he made at the shop. Thank you Kassem for all of your hard work!

3. First Bike Rentals of the Season!


Students of CaFi were the first to take our rental bikes for a spin this year. These students who were new to Moncton took to the trails to see the city from a new perspective. It was a sunny day to learn how to bike and we hope to see the same persistence and dedication throughout the 2017 season!

4. Disco Ride

La Bikery’s Disco Bike Ride through the streets of downtown Moncton celebrated the murals in progress and artists of Festival Inspire. Over 200 participants rode through the streets with bikes decorated in mirror balls, glows sticks and bright lights. Led by DJ Bones who dj’d the event from a tricycle equipped with speakers. Can’t wait to keep the party going in 2017!

5. Fernand


Following a recent trip to the hospital Fernand (Santa Claus) had his bike and trailer stolen. Not only is his bike his primary mode of transportation but many of his possessions were stolen as a result of the trailer being taken. A big thank you to our local community for their continued support of bike donations that go to helping fellow community members. Because of you we were able to get Fernando a bicycle to help him navigate the city once again. Fernando will be helping out around the shop this week, so feel free to stop in and say hello!

6. Bike Valet


Community members enjoyed free, secure, monitored bicycle parking downtown on Canada Day to fully take in the celebrations while avoiding the hassle of parking and traffic. Bike Valet has a team of volunteers who park and watch bikes in a gated area so that event patrons can feel comfortable leaving their bike to enjoy the activities, concerts and fireworks without the worry of theft.

7. Arabic Website Translation

This year we celebrate the support our members and volunteers offered to new comers getting settled in the Greater Moncton region. It was an easy decision to translate part of our website into arabic so that our new community members could better understand our services. The support and thanks we got from community members who could recognize and read information publicy available in their new city, and country was incomparable. We strive for accessibility for all and we can’t wait for more in 2017!

8. Université de Moncton Partnership


We LOVE community partnerships and this year we had the chance to work with so many amazing organizations. Our partnership with the university stood out for its innovation and initiative giving students greater access to downtown and Greater Moncton as a whole through affordable, sustainable transportation.

9. Barbara’s Bikes


Barbara used her membership at La Bikery to repair over 80 used bikes to help families in need. Standing with her is one of her helpful volunteers, Mike who volunteered his mechanics skills to the cause. This project has brought so much love and support through the shop we are thankful to be able to support members of our community doing good things!

Thank you to all our members, volunteers, donors and sponsors for making 2016 the best year yet for our community bike centre. We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!

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