Bicycle Date Ride

Bicycle Date Ride


We all know in the hustling-bustling age of the 21st century, planning the perfect date to woo your hopeful significant other is no easy task. Allow us to take the stress away from the daunting task of planning the perfect date by providing you and your sweetheart with a custom made bike route perfect for a day filled with biking and adventure.

La Bikery

Begin at the old fire hall at 120 Assomption Blvd. and get your rental bike, helmet and lock & key. If you already have a bike tuned-up and ready to go stop by to pick up a map and get ready for the fun adventure to begin.

Chocolate River Station

Your first destination will take you across the Gunningsville Bridge and along the Riverfront Trail into the town of Riverview. Make a stop at the Chocolate River Station for you and your partner to learn a little bit about the Petitcodiac River’s history and take in the view.


Barbara Safran Fine Art Studio

The Earth without “art” is just “eh”, right? While at the Chocolate River Station take a stroll through the Barbara Safran fine art studio so you and your partner can experience true local talent right here at home.


Unplugged Board Game Café

After viewing the incredible art of Barbara Safran, try your luck and skill at Riverview’s very own, Unplugged Board Game Café. Ask for their “candy bowl” or freshly popped popcorn for a mid-game snack or enjoy the freshly prepared nachos along with a whole host of other delectable treats on the menu to celebrate your win or to comfort your defeat.


C’est La Vie Café


Coffee Break

Head back to the hub-city of Moncton to re-fuel at the most renowned local café’s throughout the city we recommend Café C’est La Vie or Café Clementine. C’est La Vie offers authentic Korean Cuisine sided with a perfected Americano while Clementine has some of the best home-roasted beans bringing intense, incredible flavours to every coffee served. Both cafés make you feel right at home with their warm, open mentality perfect for an afternoon coffee date.


Tidal Bore Park

After a quick coffee break to replenish you and your lover’s caffeine tanks, head to the Riverfront Trail to observe the world famous, surfable, Tidal Bore!

Pro Tip: Make sure to check the times before trekking out to make sure your “Tidal Bore experience” doesn’t become a “Total Bore experience”.

Dinner Time

What’s more romantic than sharing a bite to eat at one of Moncton’s best local restaurants? Nothing. Try Calactus for an incredible vegetarian meal experience, which is sure to not disappoint. Their appetizers, melts and flutes are incredibly delicious and the perfect choice for any occasion. If you’re looking for a more grab-and-go experience, Guacamole’s Mexican street food is filling and sure to hit the spot. From burritos to tacos and everything in between, this Moncton native restaurant will make sure you and your partner will remain fuelled from your full day of biking.


Victoria Park

After stuffing your stomachs with delicious local food, take a ride through Moncton’s downtown, Victoria Park. Feel yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with your companion as you cycle handlebar to handlebar through the love-inducing park. Are those wedding bells ringing in the distance?

Moncton Bike Date
Pump House Brewery

Wind Down 

Finish your bike date day with some drinks from Moncton’s very own Pump House Brewery or the Laundromat Bar. The Pump House offers award winning locally brewed ales and beers with a selection sure to please even the pickier beer drinkers. The Laundromat known as “Laundro” or “dro” will give you an authentic Moncton experience with a welcoming cliental, rotating taps, and a wide selection of craft beer. Both locations truly offer the perfect end to a perfect day.


For more ideas on what to visit on two wheels check out our “Experience Local Greater Moncton” map available at La Bikery and participating local businesses.

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